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AKVAconnect ensures full control

AKVAconnect is a powerful "SCADA" process control platform used to connect and control a wide range of equipment and technical processes at the farm. The system is open ended and compatible with all types of equipment, sensors and technical installations. Smart 3D design with interactive control functions makes it increadibly easy to operate. 

AKVAconnect is fully customizable, bringing forth exactly the information that the individual user needs. 
AKVAconnect Camera Control
Both analog and digital cameras are integrated in the system, and are fully controllable from any site or position. Multible scalable camera windows can be shown and controlled directly on screen and monitored via Internet.
AKVAconnect Feeding Control
AKVAconnect is a powerful and advanced software for daily control of all your feeding processes. Combined with Akvasmart CCS Feed System, it is the most adaptable and user friendly system on the market.
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AKVAconnect Environmental Control
Monitor and control all parameters in your production environment to secure maximum stability in your system. Temperature, oxygen, salinity, pH etc.
AKVAconnect Process Control
All devices can be monitored and controlled. Information about the present state, running hours and maintenance is conveniently monitored.
AKVAconnect Light Control
Large screens provides full overview and control the underwater lights when using AKVAconnect software. The lights can also be easily operated with remote control, using AKVA group's digital network.
AKVAconnect Site Control
Site surveillance provides detailed information and status reports from multiple sites in real-time and is a very useful tool when you centralize the operations. AKVAconnect alarm system supports full traceability.
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