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Fishtalk Equipment organizes all the farming equipment with documentation and maintenance.

Fishtalk Equipment

Fishtalk Equipment organizes all the farming equipment with documentation and maintenance, maintaining full traceability on component level. Comply with the Norwegian NS 9415:2009 and NYTEK. 
Good operation of equipment is measured in biology - good biology results in good economy. Fishtalk Equipment is a good platform for improved operations and better control. Fishtalk Equipment is the solution for operation, maintenance and documentation, and can comprise all equipment at a location. 

Tailored work processes for preventive maintenance. Plan, and receive notifications when the deadlines approach. Perform inspections with checklists for complete control of documentation. 

Fishtalk has been developed in close cooperation with the industry to meet challenges in industrial fish farming. 
Full control
A graphical map view linked to list view makes it easy to maintain control of work orders for organizing activities, reports, overviews and document records.
Plans operation of equipment in relation to production cycle and time for next recertification. Plans notifications fo rthe right time and to the right people. Documentation of recertification.
Emergency measures
Map and table provides an overview of damaged parts and equipment. Provides all information in order to consider appropriate measures. Easily accessible information on strength/properties when parts need to be replaced quickly.
Biological planning
Operation of equipment must be adjusted to biological requirements. Good overview of status provides good basis to operate equipment based on biological plans. The right equipment in relation to wave height, current conditions etc., and enough equipment available to satisfy needs.
Documentation on operations and maintenance is always available. Information by component/equipment part, or at the level desired. Status of use and maintenance history. Overview of planned maintenance.
All equipment
Fishtalk Equipment provides control and overview down to the smalles parts. The system meets all requirements pursuant to NS 9415:2009 and NYTEK.
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