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Advanced tank technolgy by AKVA group

Advanced fish tank technology

AKVA group is a leading supplier of modern fish hatcheries. Having delivered more than 1,500 fish farming tanks, we have acquired unique expertise in designing and delivering tanks and technical solutions for land based aquaculture. 

AKVA group tanks can be customized to any desired diameter and height, thus making it possible to obtain perfect utilization of the available space at the site. All tanks have high density Polyethen (PE) inner liner, which is a highly hydrophobic material making the tanks stay clean. 

Low tank maintenance

All tanks supplied by AKVA group are installed with an internal hard HDPE liner, a highly water-repellent material that contributes to keep then tanks clean. The inner liner is also very smooth to prevent the fish from getting wounded when in contact with the tank walls. 
gangveierHigh quality walkways and platforms provide a safe and stable work environment whilst allowing a better utilization of the available space.
steel-tanksA popular steel tank solution with Polyethen (PE) inner liner.
temperature-sensorThe tanks can be integrated with a wide range of tank equipment, such as environmental sensors, mort collector and feed system.
tanksFish tanks with corrugated, galvanized steel reinforcement provide a robust and secure structure. By choosing the optimum colour of the HDPE liner, the fish have better conditions for growth. The liner can be installed in the coloration of the species and farmers preference.
replaceble-grate-systemsGrates installed externally in the side drainage box are easy to replace to adjust the strain opening to the size of fish and pellets. Customized grates ensure maximum flow and also increase self-cleaning.
fish-transportation-systemsEfficient and safe systems for moving, sorting, counting and vaccination of fish are essential in modern, land-based facilities. Connecting the fish tanks with proprietary, seamless quick connections make the logistics easy to use and safe.
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