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Underwater Lights

Underwater Lights

Faster growth with stable and accurate lighting

Correct use of lighting reduce fish maturation. You can also acheive faster growth and better feed utilization. AKVA group's underwater lights are adapted for smolts and juveniles in small tanks, as well as salmon, cod and other fast growing species that require light control on larger farms. These high quality underwater lights have excellent light distribution, easy bulb replacement, functional design and a rugged construction. The power connection is done through a standard IP67 plug which enables simple installation. Cable length is standard 35 or 55 metres. Reliability and solid construction are the most important parametres for stable underwater lighting. Quality is always profitable in the long run!
Perfect for fast growing species
For indoor locations we recommend 100 W to 400 W illumination. BlueLED or SubLilte 250W/400W is the smart choice here.
Reduced maturation
More than 16,000 underwater lights have been delivered world wide in the last 15 years.
Even light distribution
Accurate, even light distribution throughout the biomass is vital in tanks with high density and humus located water.

Faster growth, higher harvest weight...

Optical Oxygen Sensor
By using extra light on i.e. salmon, you will achieve faster growth and achieve higher harvest weight as opposed to not using underwater lights.
Optical Oxygen Sensor
Idema SubLite Standard 200W
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