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BlueLED has an expected service life of 70.000 houres

BlueLED 100W with blue light rays, have the highest penetration in seawater, and therefore the greatest efficiency. LED (Light Emitting Diode) is often called ´eternity light´ and is the most cost effective light solution on the market – and a perfect match to a diesel generator. The light diodes have extremely long duration with a predicted service life of up to 70.000 hours! Which means; no bulb changing for many years ahead. Recommended use: Tanks and smaller cages.

BlueLED 360W with blue light rays is our newly developed luminairie for the sea cages. This luminairie is utilizing the newest High Intensity LED-technology with almost four times more effective light source than the BlueLED 100W. The blue  colour has proven to be the most efficient when it comes to effect on biology in the fish. LED luminairies can provide more effective output from each luminairie compared to other lamp technologies. It saves cost on power generators, less power use and uses less copper in the installations. All this in addition to a long service life of the luminairie. Recommended use: Medium and large cages.
BlueLED bulbs
underwater-lights-artic-areasIdema Underwater Lights - a smart solution in artic areas where the light conditions are poor in the winter time.
idema-underwater-lights-delivered-worldwideMore than 16.000 Idema Underwater Lights have been delivered world wide in the last 15 years.
light-treatmentLight treatment is also successfully used for smolt and juveniles in tanks and cages of different types and sizes.
easy-to-install-underwater-lightsYou can easily install the underwater lights at fixed depths and positions by using buoys and ropes.
wide-range-of-camera-solutionsA wide range of camera solutions provide full overview and control of the lighting regime, as well as the biomass.
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