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Ultraviolet (UV) Filters


Accurate bacteria balanced solutions

New built-in UV solution
Smart-Ray is a new concept that integrates our well known product standards and control system with flexibility and easy installation. We now offer an industrial size UV disinfection system for both water intake and internally within the fish farm environment. The Smart-Ray system coupled with AKVAconnect, our new control system that secures an uncontested security in production. A smart control of the UV-Dose relates to the current quality of the water, adjusts, and insures a perfect balance between efficiency and energy consumption.

From low UV treatment to full water sterilization
This is done by applying ultraviolet light (UV) only to a carefully calculated portion of the water flow in each cycle. It is a common misconception that sterilizing all the water will control the bacterial dynamics in the rearing unit. However, as bacteria grow very rapidly on organic material, sterilizing the water would in fact have a destabilizing effect on the system. By only partially UV treating the water flow, the healthy and useful bacteria from the biofilter are allowed to dominate and suppress pathogenic bacteria. This prevents outbreaks of disease, and thus ensures maximum biosecurity.
uv cropNew Smart-Ray built-in UV solution.
probiotic-uv-filterEffective filtration ensures a low and stable load of organic material, and is therefore crucial for the performance of the biofilter. (Open UV solution)
uv crop bacteriaOur UV lamp emit rays at 254 nm. This destructs all vital cell processes and DNA/RNA synthesis.
uv crop screendumpDetailed UV data is supplied from the new AKVAconnect software platform.
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