Working in AKVA group means teamwork, new challenges and exciting tasks. We are proud of our aquaculture knowledge and motivated to find the best solutions for a sustainable aquaculture industry. Every day, our approx. 1.400 employees goes to work with great enthusiasm. Let us introduce you to some of them! 

Trude Olafsen

Project Manager and Business Developer
“I have the main responsibility for managing long-term strategic projects, including, for instance, the Atlantis project. What I enjoy the most at work, is visiting facilities or meeting up with the rest of the Atlantis team from AKVA group, Sinkaberg-Hansen and Egersund Net. 

When I feel the team is working well together, challenging each other, having a laugh and making things happen together – I’m having a fun day at work.”

Monica Guttormsen

Production worker at Helgeland Plast
“I’m still quite new on the job, but have already had the opportunity to try most of the work assignments in the production, which gives me very varied workdays. I will spend my workday working on whatever needs to be done at the current time and date, and will often join my colleagues on a boat trip to pull pipes to our river depot or moor pens. I've previously worked ten years in a kindergarte. This is a lot more quiet and less stressful!" 

Jørgen Olaisen

Apprentice at Helgeland Plast
“When I was asked if I’d consider an apprenticeship with Helgeland Plast, I worried it might be a bit monotonous. But as soon I got to know the company a bit better, all my doubts disappeared. I like the fact that we produce unique and robust boats of PE plastics, which makes us unique in Norway. If I travel the world, I can find a Polarcirkel boat anywhere.”

Odd-Jan Håland

Service Manager Nordic
“I’m in charge of a service organization counting around 40 employees. I follow-up operations, review our efficiency and carry out strategic work. The best thing about my position is that I can give the skilled people in my organization opportunities concerning their career and further development in the firm. I enjoy giving people feedback when things are going well.”


AKVA group relies on the enthusiasm and knowledge of every person who works with us. Having a passion for what we do and having fun while doing it is an important part of our culture.