Top-of-the-line feeding and inspection Camera. SmartEye 360 Twin is an advanced double feeding and inspection color camera with unique features. 

The camera can be operated from the pen, a work boat, the feeding control room and via the Internet. It provides sharp, color and/or monochrome video underwater images. Standard configuration includes the upper camera and lower camera in high-resolution color, but monochrome is used to get very high light sensitivity for looking down into deep and dark pens. Both cameras are synchronized for a full 360-degree vertical movement using one joystick. No external moving parts will prevent leaks and reduces the need for service.

Combined with our  Winch Systems, SmartEye 360 Twin provides excellent insight into the feeding response and condition of your fish. It is a highly reliable camera that is connected to the base via our CAP wireless video transmitter. SmartEye 360 Twin is also available with built-in depth- and temperature sensors.

Crystal clear first-choice feeding cameras

AKVA groups cameras have been produced for more than 20 years. Our cameras can be used to observe feeding activity underwater and on the surface, fish behavior, mature fish, parasites (lice), mortality at the bottom of the net, and general surveillance. 

SmartEye Twin

SmartEye range

The SmartEye 360 Twin camera is delivered in two different versions: Our sales team will help you find the best solution for your farm site. 

All SmartEye 360 Twin versions include two cameras: one pointing down towards the bottom of the pen, and one that is pointing upwards. Both cameras are synchronized for 360 degrees movement for full overview and provide sharp underwater video images. The cameras are operated from a work boat or a control room, either on land or on location via the Internet. SmartEye 360 Twin cameras are also available with built-in depth- and temperature sensors.

Recommended use: Medium and large pens. 

AKVA group smarteye precision HD

Exceptionally sharp and clear video images in full color provide useful information about your fish.

AKVA group winch

Smart winch systems allow easy and accurate vertical and horizontal positioning inside the pens.

AKVA group smarteye precision HD

The new SmartEye 360 Twin has an endless 360-degree pan and tilt, with no moveable parts in the water.

AKVA group

The video data can be controlled in real-time or logged and analyzed later using AKVA fishtalk software.

AKVA group smarteye precision HD

The SmartEye 360 Twin camera can easily monitor fish surface activity as well as feed spread below the surface, even in poor light conditions.

AKVA group smarteye precision HD

Cameras, cables and connection plugs are pressure tested to ensure that the equipment is 100 % waterproof.