A browser-controlled camera that provides sharp underwater video images in HD even in difficult lighting.

AKVA group smart eye precision hd

SmartEye Precision HD is an advanced double feeding and inspection camera in HD. The highly light-sensitive camera delivers crisp underwater video images even when filming down into deep and dark pens using autofocus, zoom, adaptive noise reduction, auto-adjusted color balance, and a high-quality lens.

The camera is an integral part of the new control system AKVA connect 4.0 and can be controlled via a web browser through a wireless video transmission. User experience and simplification of the fish farmer´s tasks is key. The pan/tilt functionality provides 360-degree motion for a full overview and the camera comes with built-in depth and temperature sensors. Combined with one of our winch systems, the SmartEye Precision HD provides excellent insight into the feeding response and the condition of the fish.

Crystal clear first choice feeding cameras.

AKVA group has produced cameras for more than 20 years. SmartEye cameras can be used to observe feeding activity underwater and on the surface, fish behavior, mature fish, parasites (lice), mortality at the bottom of the net and general surveillance. 

Key features 

  • A high-quality lens and HD provides excellent video images even in deep and dark pens
  • Integration with AKVA connect 4.0 provides a full overview on monitor
  • 360 degrees motion with zoom and autofocus
  • Gyro stabilizer
  • Easy to use via web browser




  • No external moving parts - prevents leaks and reduces the need for service
  • Integrated depth and temperature sensor
  • Reusable camera housing
  • Auto-adjusted color balance
  • Adaptive noise reduction
  • Day/night function
  • Robust and waterproof connection cable

AKVA group smarteye precision HD

SmartEye Precision HD is an integral part of the AKVA connect 4.0 control system. The camera can be controlled via a web browser and the control system is configured as needed.

AKVA group smarteye precision HD

Exceptionally sharp and clear video images in full color provide useful information about your fish.

AKVA group smarteye precision HD

SmartEye Precision HD has an endless 360-degree pan and tilt, a high-quality lens for depth and sharpness, and a day/night function.

AKVA group winch

The winch systems allow easy and accurate vertical and horizontal positioning inside the pens.

AKVA group smarteye precision HD

The SmartEye 360 Twin camera can easily monitor fish surface activity as well as feed spread below the surface, even in poor light conditions.

AKVA group smarteye precision HD

Cameras, cables and connection plugs are pressure tested to ensure that the equipment is 100 % water proof.