Choose your preferred network solution. When installing AKVA group equipment and software solutions you can choose between hardwired infrastructure or wireless network solutions. 

Finally a reliable power cabinet for pen farming sites.

Our new CPU Power Cabinet is especially designed for pen farming sites, with robust, high-quality materials that withstands the extreme forces of nature. The cabinet has all the outlets you need for cameras, winches, lights, CAP and other pen equipment. It is easy to install and move between sites. 

The cabinet is offered in two versions, one with 12QPD and one with 6QPD. 

AKVA group monitor system

Camera systems

AKVA group has a complete product range of cameras and sensors. Our network solutions makes it possible to transmit data from the pen to the control room.

AKVA group CAP wireless transmission sensor

Network solutions

Smart wireless transmission of surface and underwater video images as well as simple hardwired network solutions for video control and data transmission.

AKVA group monitor system

Monitor systems

AKVA group offers a wide range of computer solutions with crystal clear HD screens and updated software, as well as the remote fish farm inspection system unit and an HD biomass estimator.