Deadline: 31.12.2022

Open application


We are always in the search for the right candidates, and encourage you to submit an open job application if there are no current vacanies matching your competence and/or career interests. 

We use this "open vacancy" position to search for existing candidates, when we have a new recruitment need. To allow us to search and find the right candidates, we have set some mandatory questions you need to answer when submitting your application. Don't worry, it still only takes a couple of minutes to submit your open application if you have a CV ready to upload!

We will get back to you if your CV is of interest for our company, and would also reccommend you to apply for open vacancies directly when applicable. 

AKVA group is a global technology and service partner that deliver technology and services that helps solve biological challenges within the aquaculture industry. AKVA group offers from single components to complete solutions for land based and sea based aquaculture. Proven concepts and strong brands have made AKVA group a sought-after supplier world- wide. The company is well positioned to maintain a leading role when the industry is facing multibillion investments on a global scale. The company is listed on Oslo stock exchange, has approximately 1,450 employees and is established in 10 countries.
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