AKVA Borealis SurfLED

Robust, powerful and energy efficient LED luminaire that provides excellent surface light for the RAS facility.

AKVA Borealis SurfLED is an efficient and versatile luminaire of quality materials and state-of-theart LED technology.

Blue and green LED lights manipulates day/season, controls the smoltification process and help create an ideal environment in the RAS facility. Correct use of light provides production benefits and increased fish welfare.

Light is the most important seasonal signal for animals and plants, and an increasing day length is very important for controlling and completing the smoltification process. The fish produces melatonin based on light exposure, which in turn helps translate the light period signal into physiological responses. The fish is most sensitive to blue/green light.

The LED luminaire´s front glass is made of heat tested tempered glass which is ultra-clear and coated with a special anti-reflective layer on both sides to achieve high light penetration. With its light control system and powerful light output, AKVA Borealis SurfLED is ideal for land-based fish farming.

Product Sheet