A unique combination of blue and green or ultraviolet LED light.

AKVA Aurora SubLED Combi is used in pen-based facilities for anti-maturation, contrast light and photo tactical attraction of the fish. This is also a very good light for smoltification and de-smoltification of juveniles. 

The blue and green LED light is used to affect fish maturation. The white light provides contrast, while the UV light helps keep the fish in deeper water, which has been proven to reduce the louse infestation. By combining the light with underwater feeding at 8 meters depth, you will further reinforce the effect.  

The lights are placed at approximately 10 meters depth and can be used throughout the entire life cycle.

Aurora SubLED features


The lights are configurated with an extruded and anodized aluminium control cabinet. The cabinet also has cooling ribs and IP 68 rating. The actual connections are protected by a solid rubber cover