AKVA’s first trainee

Fresh from school, Arne Teigen Bergslien started as trainee at AKVA group’s main office at Bryne in January. He is eagerly looking forward to a varied and educational half year.
eksternt arneEven though he recently graduated, Arne is not all new to AKVA group. He actually spent two summer vacations and two Christmas breaks behind the reception desk at Bryne while completing the first part of his economics education. Later on, he travelled to Australia to expand his education with a Master’s degree in finance.

“It’s been amazing to return and meet again the people I worked with as a substitute. I’ve always liked it here. It’s an exciting company and a nice workplace in an interesting industry,” he says smiling.

First trainee
This is the first time AKVA group has hired a trainee. Operations Manager Ola Hausken is looking forward to testing the arrangement.

“I believe this can be a good way to recruit young employees. The trainee gets a good opportunity to try various roles and thus find out what suits him the best. Meanwhile, we will get new impulses and good assistance in several areas from day one,” he says.

The contract lasts for six months and implies that Arne will spend time in several departments – finance, procurement and production, the service center, as well as service and engineering. The arrangement will be evaluated both during and after the stay.

“Based on Arne’s experiences and our own evaluation, we will have a good basis to decide whether we’ll announce more trainee positions and if we’re to expand the arrangement to other locations,” the operations manager says.

Arne’s primary goal is to gain a thorough understanding of AKVA group’s operations. Meanwhile, he wants to contribute with as much as possible during the course of his trainee period.

“Considering my education, I suspect I’ll feel most at home in the finance department. However, I’m excited to see how the other departments work and learn more about how AKVA group is built up,” he says, adding:

“I’ve gotten many fun assignments already – as well as a few challenges – so I’m looking forward to the rest of the stay!”