Here is AKVA group’s first hybrid feed barge!

Lerøy Aurora wanted to reduce emissions and noise pollution from their newest feed barge. The result is a brand-new hybrid concept where batteries complements the onboard generators.
hybrid ekstern“Protecting the environment is our main reason to invest in this technology. With a hybrid solution, we can use batteries to operate the barge during nights at facilities where onshore power is not an option. This is not only beneficial for the environment, but will also reduce the need for maintenance on the generators,” says Hugo Nilsen, Operations Manager at Lerøy Aurora.  

The barge, an Akva Center 600 Panorama V-bottom model, is AKVA group’s first hybrid barge. Project Manager Per Kåre Fuglestad is confident the concept will face a growing demand moving forward.

“By investing in a hybrid barge, you will reduce diesel consumption and generator maintenance onboard. This means the that the battery pack investment will pay off within few years,” he points out.

Project Manager Per Kåre Fuglestad.

“A wanted development”
The barge recently arrived to site at Vorterøya in the municipality of Skjervøy, Norway, and has now been commissioned. Operations Manager Hugo Nilsen is looking forward to having the barge in daily operation within short time.

“It will be good to have a barge that’s completely quiet during the nights. We have long been wanting a solution developed to reduce noise and emissions, and this was the basis for our request to AKVA group. In the years to come, I can see us using increasingly more onshore power, but for facilities where this is not possible, hybrid barges will be a very good option. I assume that there are more companies than us that are considering this solution,” he says.

Excess energy from the onboard generators will charge the batteries at daytime. It is also possible to connect other energy sources, like solar panels and/or wind turbines, to further reduce the need for generator power.

Same as BMW
The feed barge is built by the Estonian shipyard Marketex Marine, a close collaboration partner to AKVA group through several years. The battery supplier however, is located close to AKVA group’s headquarter at Bryne, Norway. Kverneland Energi is a small company specialized in renewable energy solutions.

“We can provide batteries of various capacities depending on the client’s needs. The actual battery cells are produced by Samsung and are the same as the ones used in the BMWi3 electrical car,” says General Manager Aksel Kverneland.

Both the batteries and the systems to operate them are based on standard components, meaning shorter delivery time and reduced risk for the client.

“This is proven technology that we know works. What’s new is how we’re using it for the aquaculture industry. We think the potential is huge, both in Norway and international markets,” says Kverneland.