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Sperre AS on National Geographic
On September 3rd, the series «Drain the Oceans» premiere on National Geographic in the UK. In the first episode, Sperre AS has a central role in finding the ferry that went down with "heavy water" during World War II.
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Kickstart your autumn with «The AKVAculture Day”
Achieving the best fish performance – how can technology contribute? Learn the answer to this and more at this year’s “AKVAculture Day” (AKVAkulturdagen), which takes place in Bergen on September 12th.
27 new welders have graduated from AKVA Academy
With establishment of AKVA Academy, AKVA group Chile has found a way to secure qualified labor, and also to provide new opportunities and promote gender equality.
Visit us at Nor-Fishing!
Nor-Fishing takes place in Trondheim, Norway, on the 21th – 24th of August. We are looking forward to meeting you at Skansen, stand S-800.
From chef to professional diver
25-year-old Ragnhild Jessica Bjellan is AKVA Marine Services’ only female diver – a situation she is perfectly happy with!
“An Incredibly reliable net cleaning system”
Using ROV based FNC8 net cleaners, the leading Australian fish farming company Huon Aquaculture has managed to clean about three times the number of square metres as before.
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Celebrates 30 amazing years
After 30 years in business, AKVA group’s subsidiary Plastsveis welcomed employees, customers and other industry players to a grand celebration at its new brand-new premises at Sømna.
Huge ambitions for AKVA Marine Services
AKVA Marine Services new General Manager, Karl-Johan Ferkingstad, aims to build on what AKVA Marine Services does best: Offering professional marine, cleaning and diving services with a high degree of flexibility.
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Great new facility for aquaculture students
Strand High School has built its own aquaculture centre with modern recirculation technology, fish tanks and control systems from AKVA group.
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AKVA group launches feed conveyor concept
Flexible Feeding is the name, and allow the farmer to send feed from any feed silo to any cage – without any manual handling. The system makes it easier to use different feed types and sizes, and allows for easy expansion of existing feed systems with more feed lines, without expensive rebuilding of...
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Award winning performance!
AKVA group Scotland won two awards during the Aquaculture UK exhibition this week. It’s a great achievement and recognition of our commitment to supporting the sector’s growth and development states Jason Cleaversmith, General Manager of AKVA group Scotland.
Political interest in AKVA group
During the past weeks, we have had the honour of welcoming both national, regional and local politicians to our main office at Bryne.
First company to enter important certification process
AKVA group’s fish tanks for land based fish farms will within short time be certified according to the NS 9416 standard. The certification is carried out by DNV GL.
ISO 9001:2015 certification for AKVA group
The quality management system of AKVA group ASA has been certified and conforms to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard.
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Fishtalk Control version 4.1 is released today
Fishtalk Control is the software that puts you in control of the production. Today, version 4.1 is released, featuring both new and improved functionality.
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Atlantis Subsea Farming: Great faith in the project despite rejection
In April 2017, Atlatis Subsea Farming was notified that its concept qualified for the development license scheme. The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries would proceed processing the application with the intention of awarding two out of the six licenses the company had originally applied for. This me...
Professional net service in Chile
AKVA Chile Net Service’s boat operates two shifts daily, resulting in up to 16 hours of operations per day.
The clients make Fishtalk better
The best way to develop good software, is involving the end-users and learning about their everyday issues. This is why AKVA group regularly invites its clients to Fishtalk product forums.
The upside down advocate
We need to be thinking outside the box, thought Roger Ulriksen and suggested to completely reverse the building method for the Polarcirkel boat hulls.
Investing for the future
Australian fish farming and processing company Huon Aquaculture is investing heavily in one of the world’s most exposed areas. New feed barges and ROV net cleaners from AKVA group will be important tools to reach the company’s ambitions.
Upgrade on schedule
Helgeland Plast, a subsidiary of AKVA group, is literally growing every day. These days, a new extruder line is installed. The new extruder will significantly increase the company’s pipe production capacity.
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Continued strong growth
AKVA group completed third quarter with strong growth in order intake and revenue. Order intake came out at 546 MNOK (417 MNOK). The revenue in third quarter of 2017 ended on 484 MNOK (354 MNOK) with an EBITDA of 61 MNOK (38 MNOK). Third quarter EBITDA margin was 12.6% (10.8%). The Net Profit increa...
Best under water
Even though AKVA Marine Services mostly work towards the fish farming industry, the team members are no strangers to larger assignments – literally.
New land based contract with Sisomar
AKVA group is delivering a new land based facility for smolt producer Sisomar AS. The assignment follows an unbroken chain of developments and modernization projects during the last ten years.