A fruitful cooperation

The cooperation with AKVA group makes Marketex Marine optimistic about the future. The company, which specializes in construction of feed barges, has made considerable investments to increase capacity and ensure good working conditions.
img 1519 front-webMarketex Marine is one of AKVA group’s most important suppliers of construction services. The shipyard, dating back to 1912, is situated in Estonia’s capital Tallinn and engages up to 120 employees. The cooperation with AKVA group started in 2004 and has so far resulted in more than 200 feed barge deliveries. Yard Manager Dimitri Gornostajev has now acted to further increase the volume.

“Construction of feed barges constitutes 99 percent of our turnover and will remain our most important focus area moving forward. Last year, we delivered many barges, most of them on contract for AKVA group. Our ambition is to increase the quantity of delivered barges per year during the next couple of years,” he says.

To make this happen, the company has made significant investments at the yard – and there is more to come. A new assembly line with robotic operations is already in place, a new, 30 x 70 metres large paint hall has also been raised at the premises as well as new cranes and more advanced production equipment.

Marketex Marine has delivered more than 200 feed barges to AKVA group. 

“The upgrades enable us to reduce the production time so we can take on even more projects,” explains Dmitri, who hopes to take over an even larger share of AKVA group’s feed barge production.  

“Marketex Marine has skilled professionals and our cooperation is good. From our point of view, it’s important to ensure that the work complies with Norwegian quality requirements and that all projects are delivered on time. Marketex Marine have done a good job living up to our expectations. They’re well organized and always ensure that the installations onboard are nicely done,” says Per Kåre Fuglestad, Project Manager in AKVA group’s feed barge department.

Flexibility is another key word. AKVA group offers its clients a high degree of tailoring. Sometimes changes are even ordered after the construction drawings have been finalized.

The company has made significant investments to increase capacity. 

“Even though we aim to get all information on the table as early as possible, it’s not always possible to anticipate all needs in the design phase. Changes may be challenging, but we always do our best to solve new needs in the best possible way,” says Dimitri Gornostajev, who considers good working conditions to be an important premise for success.

“The workers are our most important resource and are entitled to good conditions. During the last ten years, we’ve improved significantly when it comes to HSE and have invested in e.g. air cleaning and better work lights,” the yard manager says, adding:

“One of the most important things we can do to keep up morale of workers, is to have a continuous growth of new orders.”

With a raising demand for feed barges from AKVA group, the odds are good that the yard manager will also be able to create job security in the coming years. 

Ensuring a continuous growth of new orders is important to keep up the morale of the yard’s workers, says Yard Manager Dimitri Gornostaev.