Arnarborg arrived Iceland today!

Today Arnarborg arrived in Iceland to Arnarlax. Arnarborg is an AC 650 Panorama barge from AKVA group customized to Arnarlax’s needs. AKVA group has previously delivered two fish farming cage facilities to Arnarlax. This feed barge is destined for the third facility. The barge has been towed from Tallin and Arrived in Talknafjordur today.
arnarborg ved kaiThe feed barge AC 650 Panorama, is rigged for 12 feed lines, designed to withstand rough seas and has excellent feed storage capacity. The latter is particularly important on the Saga Isle.

This is because feed is not currently produced on Iceland, and has to be shipped from either Norway or the Faeroe Islands. A large storage capacity is required to ensure continuous production. This solution will give them far more efficient logistics in production going forward. The AC 650 feed barge can handle waves with a 4.5 metre significant wave height, and has pleasant accommodation quarters that provide workers with even better working conditions.

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Main equipment onboard:
  • 3 generators
  • 2 cranes PK 18500
  • Ensilage system
  • 12 silos for feed, total capacity 650 t
  • 12 feeding lines, 6 of them with selectors, can feed total 30 cages, but the best and most effective solution will be feeding directly from one line to one cage, total 12 cages.
    • In Norway each cage have 200 000 fish, when this fish will be slaughtered the average weight will be around 5 kg, then each cage have 1 000 000 kg Salmon or 50 trucks with slaughtered Salmon
    • 1000 000, kg fish will eat around 10 000 kg with feed on maximum feeding.
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