New NCE cluster related to aquaculture food production

Innovation Norway awarded Aquatech Cluster in Trøndelag NCE status yesterday, and this was the only NCE status allocated this year.
nce clustersSource: iLaks.no and http://www.innovationclusters.no/

NCE stands for Norwegian Centres of Expertise and the purpose of these business clusters is to promote and to drive change and business development.NCE is part of a cluster program operated by Innovasjon Norge, Siva and Forskningsrådet and the goal is to facilitate, trigger and reinforce regional business clusters that could be a driver for change and value creation.
In a statement to ILaks Norwegian Minister, Monica Mæland stated that Norwegian businesses often are small in an international context, and that if they are to meet the international challenges both environmental and social, collaboration is essential.
In the same article Local Government and Modernisation Minister, Jan Tore Sanner says that we have excellent technology environments and business clusters in Norway and points out that these movements helps create jobs and growth. Moreover, he says that the NCE and Arena programs are important measures for economic development and value creation.
Aquatech is a merger of the former Arena projects akvARENA and Smart Water, and AKVA group is one of the member companies. The common goal for the cluster is to develop and provide technology for sustainable growth in aquaculture food production and to be a global front-runner in this area of expertise. This allocation is important for the entire aquaculture industry and it will contribute to increased focus on technology and services within this sector considerably.
"We see this as a great opportunity for the industry and for AKVA group. We want to be a part of this community and contribute to finding future-oriented and sustainable solutions," says Trude Olafsen, project manager in AKVA group. If anyone want more information about this, feel free to contact Trude Olafsen.