Political interest in AKVA group

During the past weeks, we have had the honour of welcoming both national, regional and local politicians to our main office at Bryne.
departementBoth representatives from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries as well as a political delegation from the Christian Democratic Party (KrF) visited AKVA group’s main office in Bryne during April. The aquaculture industry’s appeal in the labour market, local workplaces, development licences and sustainable technology were some of the items on the agenda.

“It’s always a pleasure to present AKVA group to politicians and officials who are working with industry regulations. We’ve received many interesting questions, both about AKVA group as a company and our points of view,” says Trond Severinsen, SVP Technology and Development in AKVA group.

Operations Manager Ola Hausken especially points out the value of meeting politicians and officials from both local, regional and national levels.  

“Whether it’s about our role as a local employer, or political guidelines for Norwegian aquaculture, we have a lot to earn by sharing our experiences,” he says, placing particular emphasis on debate about the Norwegian government’s development license scheme.

“We question why so many development licenses have been awarded to «Moon landing projects» that require extensive investments in the development of new technology. As we see it, it’s far more sustainable to build on known technology and expertise. We hope our visitors takes this into consideration when the scheme is to be evaluated.”

Positive politicians from the Christian Democratic Party visiting AKVA group. From left: Kjell-Einar Pollestad, Production Manager AKVA group, Olaug Bollestad, Member of the Parliament, Solveig Ege Tengesdal, County Major in Rogaland, Sverre Risa, Deputy Major in the municipality of Time and Ola Hausken, Operations Manager AKVA group.