The girl with the refreshing questions

When Amalie Arntsen (21) were to choose a company for her internship as an aquaculture operations and management student, she had no doubts; it had to be AKVA group.
amalie-arntsen-2 web“I’ve previously worked at both land based and cage based facilities and thought it would be interesting to get a peak of this side of the industry as well. I’ve previously met many nice representatives from AKVA group at various events, who have given me a very positive impression of the company,” says Amalie, who studies at Nord University in Bodø.  

Even though AKVA group have not had a tradition for internship, Product Manager for Lights, Sub Feeding, Environmental Sensors and Mort Collector Systems, Guttorm, Lange, was quickly convinced and agreed to become her “coach”.

“Since the very first time we got in touch with Amalie, she’s proven her eagerness to take part in solving the challenges we’re working on – especially the ones concerning the relationship between technology and biology. It did not go long until we realised we could learn just as much from her as she could from us,” he says.

Significant tasks
On January 15th, Amalie showed up for work at the Trondheim office and was quickly put to work investigating various issues related to the biological aspects of new technology solutions. Very soon she was also introduced to Fishtalk, AKVA group’s software for production control and planning.

“During the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of representing AKVA group at both customer visits and official events. I’ve also worked in Fishtalk Support, where I’ve answered phone calls from clients asking for help and advice on how to use the software,” she explains.

Even though it felt a bit intimidating to answer the first few telephones from customers, she is grateful for every task she has been trusted with.

“It’s been a great program from day one. I have by no means been put to fold sheets of paper, but been given relevant assignments and learned a lot,” Amalie says.

Service Manager in AKVA group Software, Marie Engan, is impressed by her efforts.

“Amalie has done great. Since she’s already familiar with the industry and have practical experience, she can easily relate to the customers’ situation when they call. She’s also very positive and engaged, which are both good qualities to have when you’re working in the support team,” she praises.

Despite her young age, intern Amalie Arntsen (21) has already gained work experience from hatcheries, fish farms and the supplier industry. “Amalie has shown true passion for the aquaculture industry. This is exactly what we’re looking for in new candidates,” says Guttorm Lange, who’s been her “coach” in AKVA group. 

Youthful curiosity
April 27th is Amalie’s final day as an intern in AKVA group, upon which she will have spent a total of 15 weeks in the company. Luckily, she will soon return.

“I’m excited to say that I’ve recently accepted a one-year work assignment as a consultant in Fishtalk Support,” she says with great enthusiasm.

Her plan is to continue studying part-time until she has got her Master’s Degree in aquaculture operations and management. “Coach” Guttorm Lange is already looking forward to her return.

“It’s been entirely positive to have Amalie as part of our team. She’s not only a very pleasant and sociable colleague, but she’s also fearless and possesses a great dose of youthful curiosity. We need someone like Amalie to challenge us and give us a different perspective on our work,” he says.