Upgrade on schedule

Helgeland Plast, a subsidiary of AKVA group, is literally growing every day. These days, a new extruder line is installed. The new extruder will significantly increase the company’s pipe production capacity.
ombygging-1While the company’s boat production already has been moved to new and larger facilities in Mo Industrial Park, the production premises at Båsmosjyen is now buzzing of building activity. All three piping production lines, also called extruder lines, are upgraded one by one this autumn. In addition, a new forth line is being installed in the premises that previously hosted production of pipe and cage parts. The new extruder line will be put into operation early next year. 

In addition to increasing the capacity, the upgrade will enable Helgeland Plast to produce pipes with dimensions up to 1,200 mm (previous max dimension has been 900 mm). The company has also invested in a water recirculation system. Water in huge volumes is used to cool down the pipes during the production. Today, all heated water is released into the sea. After the instalment of the recirculation system, the water will be cooled down and re-used Decreased water use reduce the footprint of the production and also has a positive financial implication.

“New extruder technology will also enable us to more quickly switch our production from one pipe dimension to another. We will have a greater range of dimensions and increased flexibility, which is important towards both the water and wastewater market as well as land based fish farming, where projects often are very complex,” says General Manager Stig Meisfjord. 

The upgrade also includes an expansion of the land area, a new driveway and other initiatives to improve logistics and utilization of the storage area.