AKVA group recently hosted an exciting and informative webinar on 4. June that provided valuable insights into the newest technologies and operational support services in land-based aquaculture. You can now watch the recorded webinar in Norwegian.

The webinar shows how proper design, operation, and new solutions help reduce risk and improve fish welfare.

Almost 400 individuals registered for this webinar. Watch the webinar to gain the tools and insights needed to optimize your aquaculture operations.

Main topics:

  • Minimizing risk and improving fish welfare:
    Presented by Commercial Director Siri Tømmerås
    Featuring specialists Sebastian Strauch and Andrè Flo from AKVA group

  • Using fish as active sensors in aquaculture:
    Presented by Lars Martin, CEO of Submerged

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and enhance your knowledge on the latest advancements in aquaculture technology.

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