“Hurtigruten” choose Polarcirkel Boats

The famous coastal steamers running people and cargo along the Norwegian coast since 1893 is called “Hurtig-ruten” (The Fast Route). It is no longer the fastest means of transportation, but remains one of the main tourist attractions in the country, running the route year round.
2015-hurtigrutenImage: “Hurtigruten” M/S Fram.

One of their latest exploration ships, M/S Fram, recently acquired two Polarcirkel Boats for sightseeing tours in arctic regions and on Svalbard and Greenland. These boats were custom built, approx. 7m long and powered by a 200hp Yamaha outboard. With seating for 12 passengers, measurements to fit Fram’s cargo hold and a single lifting point, these boats are proving to be a great success for the famous cruise line.

We really enjoy these safe and versatile Polarcirkel Boats! On the latest cruise, more than 90% of the passengers have booked tours with the boats, and we have already had many unforgettable experiences close to nature in some of the world’s most fascinating areas. The crew of M/S Fram also recently got a great thrill ride in these boats, and this was a great success, smiles Erik Eng, Chief Officer aboard the “Hurtigruten” M/S Fram.