AKVA group and West Coast Group bringing new-age solutions to aquaculture in India

One of the largest vertically integrated aquaculture companies of India, West Coast Group, Mumbai, now moves into close cooperation with AKVA group to mechanize and improve farm facilities across the developing nations like India and around. The two companies announced at Aqua Nor this week that they have signed an exclusive distributorship and partnering agreement to join forces in developing this market for modern aquaculture technology.
severinsen and kulkarni img 9151After two decades of helping the shrimp farmers, we are are now adding new-age solutions in our offerings through our AquaMart business unit, for both the sectors - fish and shrimp. We are quite excited to announce that we are entering into this partnership with the world’s leading aquaculture technology company, AKVA group. Norway and salmon are of course very different from India, but we see great opportunities to adapt many products and solutions to our local needs of developing countries, across species, says Mr. Rahul Kulkarni, Board Director of West Coast and CEO of AquaMart. In time, India will also develop its offshore marine farming, using the Norwegian model with large scale cages and feed barges, and this is also very much in our plans in India, sooner than later.

Senior Vice President – Technology and Development at AKVA group, Mr. Trond Severinsen, adds; We are very proud that India’s leading aquaculture company has decided to partner with us to develop the market for our technology in India. Although most of our business has been, and still is, in the salmon industry, our technology has been exported to more than 65 countries and for a wide variety of species for many decades. In order to meet the needs of aquaculture in India and around, we are both adapting existing products and inventing brand new ones. This includes our new MC-250 Modular Cage concept that is tailor made for Tilapia farming in lakes, rivers and sheltered marine sites. We are showing this unique and flexible cage concept at Aqua Nor for the first time. But to succeed in India we also need to offer the right quality at the right price. In order to do this, we will manufacture and supply components both from Norway and India, including highly efficient robot-manufactured cage brackets from Norway, which is a key component of the cages. We also see there is a good potential to mechanize the feeding processes in India’s shrimp farming sector, using our well known Akvasmart Central Feed Systems. Such innovation will help reduce production costs and improve growth and farming performance for farmers in India, as it has for salmon and finfish in other markets”.

AKVA group is renowned and recognized as a pioneer and global supplier of aquaculture technology for over 40 years. The company is based out of Norway, has offices in 12 countries and more than 800 staff.West Coast Group is a leading aquaculture company of India, engaged in the business of providing aquaculture solutions, farming, processing, exports and distribution of seafood for over 20 years. The company is based out of Mumbai, with footprint across India and representative presence in USA, Europe & Middle East, and more than 500 staff.