AKVA group at Korea Sea Farm Forum 2016

AKVA group was invited by the fisheries authorities to hold a Keynote Speech about modern cage farming technology at the Korea Sea Farm Forum held in Seoul on November 11th. 350 delegates attended this VIP conference.
korea sea farm forum 2016 2This is initiating Korea's plans to expand aquaculture along its 400km south coast based on the Norwegian model. The coastline is very suitable for cage farming with inlets and islands similar to the coast of Norway. However, time will tell how fast this will happen.

Fish farming in Korea today is mainly done inshore by smallholders using small 5-10m square cage systems (wood and plastic cages) located in protected bays. Similar to Norway some 30 years ago. Main species include flounder and mullet, with annual production just over 50.000 tons.
Main challenges for moving the production into larger and more exposed farms are Typhoons, Red Tide and possible challenges with suitable fish species vs. market size. And they will need AKVA group technology of course!

Trond Severinsen, COO Export, held the speech which generated a lot of interest from various stakeholders who knew very little about the latest technology.  Following the event, Bjørn Karlsen (Director of Sales - Asia) and Trond met with and visited fish farms together vi Jiju Co. which is one of few Korean suppliers. They are the leading supplier in Korea of locally designed plastic cages. Jiju and AKVA has entered into a Letter of Intent to possibly cooperate to develop the Korean market together.
We also happened to be in Seoul watching from our hotel when 1 million people swamped the city streets for 18 hours to demand the resignation of their president...!