AKVA group Software and Anteo enter into partnership on Fishtalk Service Planner

(Trondheim, 23 September 2016) AKVA group Software, a subsidiary of AKVA group, enters into partnership with Anteo on a new “command centre” called Fishtalk Service Planner. The solution allows one to plan, implement and document service operations from a mobile platform.
ags og anteo“Fishtalk Service Planner gives fish farmers and service providers the opportunity to exchange information and documentation in a more seamless and intuitive manner,” says Inge Forseth, general manager of AKVA group Software.
Always up to date
Fishtalk Service Planner has been developed by Anteo in partnership with industry players in central Norway. The solution includes up to date information on aquaculture localities and the status of these. AIS data from the Norwegian Coastal Administration, sea lice data, a summary of weather and sea conditions and a complete overview of the company's own fleet, resources, orders and work status in a user-friendly interface. All information is provided in real time.
 “Command centre for” for operations in the aquaculture industry
Fishtalk Service Planner also displays the position and work status of the service companies' fleets, and thus an up to date overview of available resources in the market. This makes it easier to determine and initiate measures at the localities.
Service crews have fast access to orders and descriptions of assignments. With a PC, tablet or smartphone, they can easily change work status and add comments, photos and video.
Better together than everyone for themselves
Fishtalk Service Planner is integrated with Fishtalk Equipment. This means AKVA group Software provides a complete service and maintenance platform with full traceability, access to orders, logs and documentation, as well as an up to date overview of available service resources.
The industry is required to meet ever more stringent requirements toward documentation and traceability. For this reason both fish farmers and service companies need access to systems that communicate with one another. AKVA group Software and Anteo are looking to further develop solutions in cooperation with our customers.
“Insofar as it is appropriate, we integrate our solutions in systems the customer already uses. We consider the partnership with AKVA group Software as recognition of the knowledge we have to offer,” says Sverre Marvik, general manager of Anteo.
For further information, please contact:

Sverre Marvik, general manager of Anteo.
E-mail: sverre@anteo.no. Tel. +47 952 84 007.
Inge Forseth, general manager of AKVA group Software
E-mail: Iforseth@akvagroup.com. Tel. +47 97 1956 97.

About AKVA group Software and AKVA group
AKVA group Software AS with 28 employees is based in Trondheim, and is a leader in the development and sale of software solutions for the aquaculture industry in Norway and internationally. The Fishtalk solutions cover production control and planning for biology and economy, as well as inspection and maintenance of infrastructure and equipment.
AKVA group is a leading provider of technology and service to the global aquaculture industry, including integrated solutions for production control and planning in fish farming. The company has operations in all markets, and has branch offices in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Iceland, Canada, Australia and Turkey. AKVA group has 750 employees.
About Anteo
Anteo is a Rørvik-based technology company that develops systems for supporting decisions that contribute to sustainable development of the Norwegian aquaculture industry. The company develops and supplies real time solutions for monitoring, reporting and logistics. Anteo collaborates closely with leading industry and research communities in the development of new and innovative systems.