Aquasur 2014

Once again and as we do every two years, AKVA attended the 8th version of the International Aquaculture Trade Show that brings together representatives and visitors from over 40 countries and 5 continents. This year there were over 20,000 attendees!
aquasur 2014During Aquasur 2012, our goal was to position the brand, making our name and logos recognizable to everyone. This year we kept the same position as two years ago as well as the concept of offering our customers and suppliers a comfortable and simple space for conversation and meetings. We were once again one of the most popular stands, and although I may not be the most objective, it seemed to me we stood out for the service we provided, as shown by many of our customers feeling at home and visiting regularly during the show.

The level of visitors we had was fantastic and wide-ranging; we were able to meet with a good percentage of our key customers and have important meetings that we hope will bring good things for the future.

This year during the exhibition we also performed a survey with the aim to understand how our customers perceive us as well as how much they know about our products and services. This will in turn allow us to focus more on our clients; to improve what we need to improve and of course to replicate what we are already doing well.

This year AKVA also participated in a competition called "Salmon for the World" where 8 contestants from 8 different nations demonstrated their culinary skills, preparing dishes from their home countries, with salmon as the main ingredient. Participants included representatives from Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Spain and Chile, and thanks to Ivar Benavides, his good sense of humor and cooking skills, we got second place, with a recipe of breaded salmon on toasted flour and mashed local potatoes from the 10th region!

On Saturday the children also had their time at the AKVA stand, with an interactive storytelling as well as a good dose of candy and cookies that we are quite sure the parents were very pleased about…

Personally, this was my third Aquasur in AKVA, and the event has undergone many changes. We now spend more time and resources on this event and as a result we achieved a more professional stand that attends our customers and suppliers very well. The success of the event is due to the support of all, so a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who expressed their opinions, carried boxes, made goodie bags and attended customers. A very successful Aquasur 2014, due to great teamwork!