Breakthrough for Atlantis

The Directorate of Fisheries has informed Atlantis Subsea Farming that the application concept falls within the scheme for development licences.
flateandsea sub v4 sml finalDirectorate of Fisheries will proceed with processing the application with an aim to award one or more development licences. “We will maintain our good dialogue with the Directorate of Fisheries and prepare some additional information and also establish target criteria for the project,” says general manager Trude Olafsen with Atlantis Subsea Farming. “We're obviously delighted that Atlantis is covered by the scheme. We strongly believe that this is technology that can solve some of the industry's challenges related to sea lice and access to areas. We also believe that this technology has great international potential,” Olafsen says. As a project, Atlantis started as early as the late summer of 2014, and a number of trials have been carried out that form the basis for the solution one now wants to test on a large scale. Testing of the pen model in SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculure's tank in Hirtshals has been important to the project, and has provided the project team with basic knowledge on how a submersible facility acts under the influence of currents and waves. Any development licences will contribute to elevate the project to a new stage, and will allow for the testing of the technology on a large scale and eventually with fish. “A lot of work remains to be done before submersible facilities for salmon farming on a large scale are commercially available on the market, so we will just have to keep up the good work,” Olafsen says.
Atlantis Subsea Farming is owned with equal shares by AKVA group ASA, Sinkaberg-Hansen AS and Egersund Net AS.
General manager Trude Olafsen, tolafsen@akvagroup.com, cell 91557400
Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMhiWcY6NZA