Connect to Chile

AKVAconnect to Nova Austral in Chile. The first installation of the AKVAconnect control platform for camera systems using fiber optics will take place in Punta Arenas during the winter of 2015.
2015-connect-to-chileImage: AKVAconnect provides full overview.

The system will link and control SmartEye 360 cameras and SmartWinches at Nova Austral’s Coockburn salmon farm. This customer also has trusted AKVA group Chile to provide additional technology for this site, such as twelve new 40x40m Wavemaster Steel Cages and Akvasmart Feed System.

Several of their feed systems at other sites are now also being upgraded. Other customers in Chile are also showing great interest in the new AKVAconnect system, and experiences from Nova Austral are expected to spur further
installations in this large salmon farming region.