Digital wireless communication

AKVA group now launches its new digital wireless communication system linking fish farm cages to the feed barge. Akvasmart Digital CAP (Cage Access Point) now connects camera and environmental sensors to the feed barge with higher image quality, capacity and range than ever before.
2015 digital wireless"The previous analogue CAP has proven to be a robust housing for electronics installed onto cages. Consequently, we have used the same concept for this new digital version,” says Mr. Jan Inge Tjølsen, Product Manager at AKVA group in Norway.

The new Digital CAP now uses Ethernet based wireless communication network that links with the feed barge network. Bandwidth for transmitting video and control commands is dimensioned for multiple parallel video signals. The Ethernet technology also greatly improves video image quality compared to analogue signals.

The surface video camera in this Digital CAP has also been upgraded to a powerful pan/tilt/zoom camera that is controlled from the feed barge control room. This allows video surveillance of the cages, nets, moorings, workers and other tasks on the cages. A very practical feature that also increases worker’s safety.

Wireless transmission of video and data also reduces the need for subsea cables that are prone to damage and corrosion, thereby increasing dependability and simplifies installation.

"In order for AKVA group to remain a preferred aquaculture technology and service partner to our customer, we have to ensure we develop innovative technology such as this, that meet both current and future needs," ends Jan Inge.

2015 digital cap
Akvasmart Digital CAP