Feeding the future with AKVA

AKVA group has seen a strong market response to the new AKVAconnect feeding system, released late 2016 into the Chilean market. Customer feedback has been very positive resulting in a strong increase in sales.
akva connectKnown for having a powerful yet flexible feeding software solution, AKVA's new generation software system, Akvaconnect, has taken things to a new level.  It incorporates the ability to connect and integrate not only the feeding and camera systems, but also the many different on-site farm systems, thereby creating a single integrated farm control solution.

AKVAconnect can control multiple combinations of dosers and augers across an unlimited number of feed lines, while at the same time controlling the feeding cameras, multiple environmental sensors and underwater lights as well as other on-site systems such as barge control or emergency oxygen systems. For the operator, this means one operating software solution to control all on-site processes.

 In addition to the operational advantages of using an integrated software solution, the resulting integrated database becomes a powerful tool for analyzing and optimizing operations.

One of the popular additions to AKVAconnect has been a web-based reporting solution called fishtalk feeding where customers have off-site access to the detailed feeding performance data. This provides operational transparency and the ability to support frontline feeding staff in the constant pursuit of increased feeding efficiency.