First AKVA group feed barge to Iran

The first feed barge from AKVA group to Iran was recently unloaded in the port of Bandar Abbas in the Persian Gulf. This is phase 3 of a large framework supply contract with Niksa Co. who is building Iran’s largest marine cage farm outside Gorzeh just north of Kish Island.
am320 unloaded bandar abbasAKVA group has designed and delivered the complete farm based more or less on the same proven technical concepts as in the salmon industry. Including 24 Polarcirkel plastic cages, nets, moorings, 320t feed barge with Quattro feed system, underwater camera system and work boats. In order to ensure professional dimensioning and engineering, AKVA group carried out a detailed pre-project site survey, including current measurements, wave modelling, bathymetri survey and so on. To the extent possible, the Norwegian Standard NS9415;2009 has been applied throughout the design and delivery project to ensure all safety margins are included and the biomass is secure. Training of the customer’s farm personnel is also a key part of the partnership with Niksa.
The farm will be completed before the end of 2016 and will produce up to 3000t per year of Barramundi and European Sea Bream.