First ever 160m cage delivery in Turkey

AKVA group Turkey has delivered 14 x 160m Polarcirkel 450mm cages to Agromey.
2015-turkey-160m-cageThe photo above shows one of the 14 cages after assembly and welding was completed. The agreement was for 14 Polarcirkel 450mm cages in total and the project was delivered on time according to contract by the 12th of July. Polarcirkel Cages are PROVEN in some of the most extreme conditions and aquaculture installations throughout the world and our 2 ring catamaran design is the ultimate combination of strength, flexibility and high reserve buoyancy, providing a safe working platform with excellent seaworthiness. This was the first ever 160m 450mm cage project undertaken by AKVA group Turkey in their history, and we hope this project will further enhance our strong relationships with our industry partners in the area and improve the strong presence of Polarcirkel and AKVA group brands in Turkey and the Mediterranean.