Huge feed barge to Iceland

Arnarlax, Iceland's largest salmon farmer, will take delivery of a 650 ton feed barge from AKVA group in the spring of 2017. The two companies has established a good partnership and AKVA group has previously delivered two fish farming cage facilities to Arnarlax. This feed barge is destined for the third facility.
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The feed barge AC 650 Panorama, is rigged for 12 feed lines, designed to withstand rough seas and has excellent feed storage capacity. The latter is particularly important on the Saga Isle.

This is because feed is not currently produced on Iceland, and has to be shipped from either Norway or the Faeroe Islands. A large storage capacity is required to ensure continuous production. Arnarlax initially ordered a 320 ton barge, but after a while they realized that this barge would not meet the requirements for storage capacity, and doubled the size. This solution will give them far more efficient logistics in production going forward. The AC 650 feed barge can handle waves with a 4.5 metre significant wave height, and has pleasant accommodation quarters that provide workers with even better working conditions. Now workers can control the feeding from inside a comfortable control room instead of standing in boiler suits in the chilling westerly wind to manage the feeding.

“This is without question a major step ahead for the Icelandic salmon industry. Going forward we see it as very likely that other fish farming companies in Iceland will follow this trend and invest in technology that contribute to streamlining the operations,” says the sales manager for AKVA group Nordic.

Huge effort in Iceland
Iceland has big ambitions as a salmon farming nation, and is geared for massive growth in the years ahead. Overall, Iceland is aiming to produce more than 150,000 tons of salmon. Arnarlax is the biggest company in Iceland. The company is currently licensed for 14,500 tons, and is now applying to increase production significantly. Norwegian investors have also recently entered the playing field, which contributes to promote further growth. With the investments follows Norwegian fish farming expertise that will contribute to further developing the Icelandic fish farming industry and increased focus on commercial operations.

AKVA group's goal is to contribute to the development of modernized and efficient workplaces that are aligned with a vision of streamlining and commercial operations on Iceland.

“We want to be a key partner in the Icelandic fish farming adventure,” Bø says. “Thus it is rewarding to be able to supply technology and solutions that arein accordance with Arnarlax's vision of growth,” Bø concludes.

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