Land based for large rainbows

AKVA group is supplying recirculation system for the largest land based fish farm in Finland.
2015 land based rainbowsThe farm will produce 3,200 tons large rainbow trout per year in saltwater. The design is based on the newest recirculation technology.

The investor group Helmet Capital holds the majority of the investment behind the FIFAX project on the island Aaland in Finland. Together with loan financing from Export Credit Norway the project took off in spring 2015.

2015 land based rainbows02
From left: Fredrik Karlström (Finland’s Minister of Trade), Rune Söderlund (Mayor of Eckerö), Lennart Joelsson (Development Manager in Åland) and Björn Geelnard (Partner and Member of the Board).

The shareholders firmly believe in large rainbow trout as a premium product with less fat and intense red meat. The CEO of FIFAX, Mr. Pontus Nikula explains: “Rainbow trout holds by nature less fat than salmon and has unique ability to utilize the natural red color in fish feed also found in crayfish, shrimp and lobsters. We will use fish feed developed specially for recirculation and keep the water circulating in tanks at all times to exercise the fish. This gives us a premium fish to eat”.

2015 land based rainbows03
Layout drawing showing the large land based farm.

The grow-out system consists of 36 large tanks covered with a fully insulated building of 15.000 m2, which makes it possible to keep a constant temperature all year round. The recirculation system will treat the internal water flow and discharged fish manure will be used in a biogas plant producing electricity. Waste from the fish processing will also be used in biogas production.

jacob bregnballe

Jacob Bregnballe
Business Director, M. Sc,
Land Based Aquaculture
AKVA group Denmark AS.