Largest ever AKVA feed barge to Marine Harvest

During Aqua Nor in August 2015, AKVA’s largest feed barge will be handed over to Marine Harvest Norway. This is the second Wavemaster 850 Panorama ever sold. The first one was sold to Grieg Seafood late autumn last year, and is already in operation. These barges are the world’s largest steel feed barges, with a holding capacity of 850 tons salmon feed and 12 parallel feeding lines.
2015 akva feed barge marine harvestThe advanced feeding system was the main reason why this feed barge was chosen. Feed accounts for around 70% of the production cost in salmon farming, so feeding correctly is number one priority. 

The barge will be put into operation in Fosen, Mid Norway, and serve a site with up to 7200 tons of salmon, with plans to expand. High feed storage capacity, advanced on-board control systems for all the machinery and technology are central features. But, the feeding system is by far the most important feature for us, says Operations Manager in Marine Harvest, Torbjørn Skjervøy.

Innovations and scale of economy

Tore Obrestad, Technical Manager at AKVA group headquarters, confirms that the AC 850 Panorama feed barge has impressive specifications and feeding capacity of well over 150 tons per day. But Fosen is a large salmon farm with significant demands and 150 tons per day are actually required to feed the maximum biomass at this site.

The barge also has a fully automated silage system that simplifies mort handling, while we continuously log and maintain the pH value. This ensures high quality silage that can be sold as a by-product, instead of having to pay to get rid of it. In order to maintain full operational control, the barge is delivered with AKVAconnect Barge Control.

This system will show online feed levels for each silo and remote controlled silo hatches allow loading feed with no farm staff onboard. With this system and broadband internet, it is possible to operate the barge and run feeding processes
from any other location, ends Tore Obrestad.

Online information at your fingertips

AKVAconnect is a modular system for complete operational control of farm operations. The system is designed to give the farm staff full overview and control of all operations through different modules. The new module, AKVAconnect Barge Control, provides updated information about all the systems on board at all times. This information is available on monitors strategically located around the barge, as well as in the control room. This gives the farm staff and Operation Manager access to a lot of information simultaneously. AKVAconnect help them stay in control of the operations giving them a complete overview of every process taking place on board the barge, says Alf Kåre Ulfsnes, Project Manager at AKVA’s barge department. New silo loading system means only 4 hatches are opened to load 16 silos, thereby shortening loading time.

This AC 850 Panorama is equipped with 12 feeding lines, with the option of an additional four. The barge is over 44 meters in length and designed to handle significant wave heights of approximately 4,5 meters (8,5m maximum).

To minimize the overall environmental emissions from the barge, Marine Harvest has chosen environmentally friendly solutions.

The barge will run off the main power grid from shore as the main power source, minimizing the use of onboard diesel electric generators.

They have also chosen to install AKVA group’s new modular system for biological handling and re-use of wastewater (BioAKVA), thereby reducing the need for freshwater substantially.

”During Aqua Nor 2015, everyone can visit and explore this state-ofthe-art feed barge at Skansen Docks floating display area”.

marine harvest barge

tore obrestad

Tore Obrestad
Technical Manager
AKVA group ASA