Maritech in Norway sold

AKVA group Software AS has entered into an agreement with Fishware Invest AS, for sale of the Maritech business in Norway. The transaction will be completed on February 17th, 2012 with operational effect from February 1st, 2012. Assuming completion takes place as planned, the sale will generate a NOK 28 million gain for AKVA.

The sale of the Maritech business in Norway is a natural step in order to focus the operations of AKVA, giving us the opportunity to further strengthen and develop our remaining core software activities in AKVA group Software AS, known under the brand Fishtalk. Fishtalk is the leading best of breed software within aquaculture globally, and is in use by customers in all regions where AKVA is present. Our intention is to develop Fishtalk to strengthen the brand's position further as well as meet our customers' needs for specialized solutions for aquaculture operations.

The transaction only effects our employees in Averøy and in Molde, and other employees linked to the Maritech business in Norway, who will follow the activities sold.

Trond Williksen