Midt-Norsk Havbruk and Plastsveis enter into agreement to build smolt facility

Plastsveis, in cooperation with Aquatec Solutions, both wholly-owned subsidiaries of AKVA group ASA, announced the company's largest order of all time earlier this week. The contract with Midt-Norsk Havbruk AS entails the delivery of technical aquaculture equipment valued at NOK 105 million for the construction of a new smolt facility at Osan in Nærøy municipality.
landbasert anlegg 2“We have followed the development of technology for smolt production carefully for several years, and technology has made quantum leaps in recent years,” says Roald Dolmen of Midt-Norsk Havbruk. “We have visited a number of facilities both at home and abroad, and have done thorough groundwork for our choice of technology and supplier. Most important for our choices are water quality and focus on biology. As an integrated salmon producer we are dependent on selecting technology that provides the best assumptions for meeting the fish's biological needs and that forms the basis of a production that gives a supreme quality product.

We are also concerned with finding a supplier that possesses the essential expertise required to be a competent sparring partner. This is important in order for us to build a state of the art facility that ensures a dependable and effective production. Our choice was thus Plastsveis and AKVA group, with whom we have developed a trusting relationship through close partnership on several other occasions.”

Modern and environmentally friendly technology
“The development we are about to start is based on the very latest technological principles in water recycling. The facility will be equipped with so-called denitrification technology, which reduce consumption of water to an absolute minimum by allowing reuse of more than 99% of the water. This allows us to establish an extremely environmentally friendly facility that minimises our footprint on the environment. We are also working actively on projects related to the utilisation of sludge. Low water consumption provides the fish with stable conditions and allows for better predictability throughout our value chain. Quality, stability and predictability are key factors in this project,” Dolmen concludes. 
landbasert anlegg

Biology through technology
“We're extremely grateful that Midt-Norsk Havbruk has chosen Plastsveis and AKVA group ASA as partners for this interesting project,” says Ole Gabriel Kverneland, Sales Manager Land-based with AKVA group. “We're particularly pleased to work with a customer who genuinely recognizes the value of close collaboration in this type of project.

As a supplier we have long had a clear strategy on standing out with a recycling technology that provides superior water quality, which provides the best prerequisites for the biomass and which enable the fish farmer to carry out his work in a safe and efficient manner.

We are also very pleased to see positive synergies both for ourselves and our customers as a result of the strategic action AKVA group has taken in the land-based business area. Overall we have expertise and a product portfolio that covers most of our customers' needs for both recycling and water flow facilities. It is however evident that market for recycling facilities is experiencing strong growth all over the country, and we are pleased to be in a position to supply exactly what our customers need,” Ole Gabriel concludes.