More fish farmers choose Fishtalk Equipment

The most recent companies to sign contracts for aquiring Fishtalk Equipment are Bjørøya and Midt-Norsk Havbruk.
akva overviewPhoto: Bjørøya

The decision was made after a review of what is available on the market and which vendor that supports the needs of the fish farmer. Bjørøya will go from a customized solution with EQS, which is a good quality system that will be integrated with Equipment to achieve full control and the correct processing of deficiencies and deviations. Midt-Norsk Havbruk will transition from the current Aqualog solution.

Bjørøya's Quality Manager Stian H. Lein:  We recognize that the time has come for a change, as requirements to documentation are more stringent and we have have to work more efficiently. With the new solution we can see that it is possible to have better control, and with the launch of the apps for AquaNor, we avoid paper and double entries. We have high expectations towards the product, and are looking forward to being helped by experienced Fishtalk consultants on implementation in our hectic schedule.