New barge perfect for remote locations

Seløy sjøfarm started producing salmon all the way back in 1977. In 2010 they started their production at the site of Gåsvær in Herøy, Northern Norway. In 2014 they started their cooperation with Sinkaberg-Hansen AS. To take full advantage of the excellent environmental conditions at this remote farm site they have now invested in a new innovative feed barge from AKVA group.
2015 new barge remoteImage: Seløy Sjøfarm invests in a large AB650C feed barge from AKVA group to optimize production at one of their remote salmon farm sites in Northern Norway.

The goal is to streamline operations while ensuring fish growth and performance are maximised. The remote site of Gåsvær is an abandoned fishing outpost, far west into the Norwegian Sea near the Arctic Circle. Salmon grow fast and thrive in the sea around Gåsvær, but the weather can get quite tough, making it difficult to do major farm operations and loading feed into the feed barge. That is one of the reasons why we are now replacing our old feed barge with one of AKVA groups largest and most recent models, the AB 650 Comfort, especially designed for locations like this, says Jan Erik Jakobsen from Seløy Sjøfarm.

Reliable operations with onsite- and remote control

The AKVA Base 650 Comfort is 33 meters long and 19 meters wide, with a feed storage capacity of 650 tons, with plenty of deck space and room for equipment storage down below. The barge comes with complete video camera systems for monitoring the entire site and the fish. There are very comfortable quarters for up to four farm crew who will live and work on board while on duty. If the weather gets too rough, the entire feed barge and camera systems can be remote controlled from shore. Thereby no feeding days or profits are lost. This is a feed barge for future demands and economy of scale. Having a production site so remote makes operating from a land base a challenging task. That is why such a large barge with all facilities and good storage capacity will make operations at Gåsvær more effective as well as safer for the crew, says Jørn Sivertsen, Sales Manager at AKVA group. We see this trend towards more flexible solutions, with bigger and more self-sufficient feed barges (farm bases) in many parts of Norway. Years ago, most farms operated from onshore bases with farms nearby. Now the farms are moved further out into more exposed areas with superior water quality, which is a major success factor for profitable salmon farming, concludes Sivertsen.

AKVA group as partner combined with a great farm site

This is a big investment for Seløy Sjøfarm, but they are confident that the investment will improve their overall performance on this site by optimizing feeding and fish production, while saving time and reducing operating costs per kilo produced fish.

We have been very satisfied with the two previous feed barges purchased from AKVA group, so we are confident that they will deliver once again. As our operations in exposed farm locations so far have been very successful, we have every reason to believe that this investment will just further enhance our performance in the Herøy area, concludes Jacobsen.

Seløy Sjøfarm has never experienced operational incidents and never had to do sea lice treatments at their production site in Herøy. This is a testimony to the excellent environmental conditions at remote sites such as this. They are now investing in a new feed barge from AKVA group to streamline operations and ensure good working conditions for their employees.

General Specifications:

Model: AKVA Base 650 Comfort (AB650C) with 8 parallel feed lines
  • Length (with platforms): 33.0 m
  • Length (without platforms): 30.0 m
  • Beam: 19.0 m
  • Hull height to main deck: 3.6 m

  • Salmon feed capacity: 650 tons (8 silos)
  • Mort silage (approx.): 45.0 tons
  • Diesel fuel: 27.0 m³
  • Fresh water: 4.0 m³
  • Grey water: 16.5 m³
  • Sewer: 4.0 m³

Machine room:
  • Generators: 3x160 kVA plus 1x75 kVA with full synchronization
  • Feed blowers: 8 x 30 kW

  • Extended platform: 16 m x 3 m
  • Storage areas below deck: Appr. 100 m²
  • Hydraulic crane: 31.3 ton meter