Official handover of AC 450 Panorama to E-Karstensen

The brothers Geir and Nils Tore Karstensen invests in the future and recently purchased a brand new 17 million NOK AC 450 Panorama barge from AKVA group.
200616 039new2The barge will be placed in Langeråa northwest of Florø. This is the largest single investment made in the company's history. They named the barge after their mother, Borghild, who ran the company until her sons took over the operations. Now the sons of Geir and Nils Tore are also on their way into the operations. Harald Johan (21) is already an apprentice at the farm and Kristoffer (18) will soon start his apprenticeship within the company.

Yesterday, a delegation from AKVA group visited E.Karstensen for an official handover of the barge.
- This is one of the most modern feed barges we have ever delivered and this is the future, says the director of AKVA group Nordic - Per Andreas Hjetland to Firdaposten.
The barge was built on a shipyard in Poland and a feed capacity of 450 tonns and 8 feed lines are only esome of the impresive features of this barge. Most of the equipment and systems on the barge are fully automated, and it is possible to remotely control and monitor the barge without actually being on board. The silo hatches are also fully automated and the feed boats can open the silo hatches by a remote controller completely without manual handling, this simplifies operations and feed deliveries and is one of many examples of how new technologies can contribute to increased efficiency and streamlining operations.

The living quarters is also impeccable. The barge is equipped with two showers, three great modern cabins, a large kitchen and an impressive control center. From the control room the operators have full overview of the farm and a lovely view of the fjord behind.