One new development after another

Fjordlaks Aqua is to double production and make major investments in many areas. The latest news is about the delivery of a complete cage farm solution from AKVA group.
fjordlaks avtaleLast summer, Fjordlaks Aqua, along with its seven aquaculture concessions, was acquired by the Hofseth Group and the Japanese companies Yokohamo Reitu and Alliance Seafood.The new consolidation is now presenting one new development after another. Earlier this spring it was announced that it has contracted a well boat with a capacity of 1,400 cubic metres, through its wholly owned subsidiary Aqua Shipping. In addition they have entered into to an agreement to invest NOK 200 million in upgrading the existing smolt-facility in Tafjord, Nordal in Sunnmøre.
Complete cage farm solution
Upgrading the smolt facility makes it possible for Fjordlaks Aqua to grow its smolts to a larger size before releasing them into seawater, which will greatly increase production output. But this will also require an upgrade of the marine facility, and to be able to handle such a large volume, the company has now entered into agreement with AKVA group for the delivery of a complete cage farm solution.
The entire system assembled on site

Fjordlaks Aqua has limited resources that do not have the time to manage such a large project as a complete cage farm.
“We chose AKVA group because it is a reliable, well-known supplier that can deliver the whole system on site - complete. AKVA group was also able to deliver in a reasonable time, which was important to us,” says Svein Flølo of Fjordlaks Aqua.
Lots going on at Fjordlaks
A complete new cage farm solution also means a new form of operation for Fjordlaks. To date the company has only used steel cages, but now it is converting to plastic cages with feed barges and power from shore. Investing in a complete cage farm solution with feed barges and power from shore is not only good because it gives more efficient operation - it is also positive for the environment. The combination of power from shore and feed storage capacity means less transport to and from the facilities by work boats.

Another environmental aspect of the new location at Skjortnes in Storfjord is that the company is becoming established in two hygienic zones that have organised closure to prevent transmission of infection.
Only needs the fish and feed
“The delivery by AKVA group is a complete solution with everything needed on site. The only thing it needs now is fish and fish feed,” says Roy M. Ohren, regional manager of AKVA group.