Partnership between AKVA group and KCC Power Systems

AKVA group and KCC started the dialogue in September 2016. At a time of decline in the oil industry, KCC Power System chose to pursue the opportunities within the marine and aquaculture industry. That proved to be both a necessary and successful strategy.
kcc dsc1669 dxoKCC Power System's long-term focus on the aquaculture industry was well suited to AKVA group's strategy of acquiring a greater market share in cleaning systems based on high pressure pump technology. Both KCC and AKVA group are present in Rogaland, which contributes to a close and productive cooperation. Both parties have long-term plans and great expectations towards the partnership.

“We have the same goal: Offering customers what they need. AKVA group is very pleased to be able to contribute to expertise that has been developed in the region over many years in the oil industry now to a greater extent can benefit the growing aquaculture industry, and that we at the same time can help KCC enter a new market. Our sales organization enables us to offer these solutions to customers along the entire Norwegian coast, and in time, also internationally. The timing was excellent for both parties. We are very pleased to have found a local partner that shares our values and that has extensive experience in providing high quality solutions. The fact that KCC is accustomed with deliveries to demanding customers in the oil industry with stringent requirements is a mark of quality. Both KCC's people and products represent quality, and we are very positive towards this partnership,” says Ola Hausken, operations manager at AKVA group Nordic.

KCC has long experience and great expertise in the field of high pressure pump systems, and can now supply its technology adapted and optimised for the aquaculture industry.  The high pressure pump systems have several areas of application, and will be used for net cleaning, hull cleaning and ring cleaning, among other things. KCC is also the sole distributor of the sturdy German KAMAT products, which have an excellent reputation.

“Our experience so far is that players in aquaculture have the same desires and requirements as our offshore customers: High quality, stable uptime, small footprint, minimal vibration/noise, easy installation and maintenance, a good service organization, and requirements toward good documentation. We know the conditions along the Norwegian coast and can deliver what the customers need. We definitely have something to contribute to the aquaculture industry, and will spend the time ahead to prove to current and future customers that it's a good idea to team up with KCC and AKVA group,” says Tor Paust-Andersen, commercial director of KCC.

The companies report that there is great interest in the solutions in the market already, and are not concealing the fact that expectations are high. “We are confident that we have a very positive time ahead of us,” says technical manager of KCC, Kjetil Horve.