Platform Feed Barges for remote locations

AKVA group is now taking modern technology to the far corners of the world, enabling delivery of modular feed barges anywhere you can ship a 40’ container.
2015-platform-feed-barges-for-remote-locationsImage: The latest feed technology can be shipped to lakes and places that were inaccessible before, like here at DunAn in the Tibet mountain regions of China!

This barge concept is easily adapted to customer’s needs in terms of size and purpose, and enables cost efficient feed logistics and modern feeding technology in lakes or remote places where conventional feed barges cannot be built.

In June 2015, AKVA group handed over a complete cage farm for Rainbow Trout production to DunAn in Longyangxia Reservoir, 2600m up into the Tibet mountain regions of China. The delivery included a large Wavemaster AP120 Platform Feed Barge that was shipped in 26 containers and assembled on site.

Polarcirkel cages at DunAn in China.

The barge is designed and manufactured by AKVA group Chile. It measures approx. 18x28m, has a feed warehouse capacity of 120t, Quattro Akvasmart feed system, dual generators in addition to control room, living areas and full crew accommodation in four cabins. Included in the delivery were also 20 pcs. Polarcirkel Cages, nets, moorings, camera system and work boat etc.

The new barge platform also includes control room and living areas.

This innovative product addresses our customer’s needs of bringing the latest feeding technology to semi-exposed farm sites in lakes and places that were inaccessible before, says Andrew Campbell, COO - Americas and Australasia. There are hundreds of large lakes and hydro dam reservoirs around the world suitable for modern and sustainable fish farming in cages. AKVA group’s focus on being “Your Aquaculture Technology and Service Partner” led us to develop this innovative range of modular platforms in order to provide technological solutions for customers in these areas. Enabling also these farms to benefit from the scale of economy that has proven so important for the success in the salmon industry, adds Mr. Campbell.

These tailor made barges are available from 50-400t carrying capacity, and the level of outfitting can be adapted to any customer needs, concludes Mr. Campbell.


By Andrew Campbell
COO Americas & Australasia
AKVA group Chile SA