Polarcirkel Cages to Iceland

Arnarlax in Iceland recently took delivery of six 400mm 120m Polarcirkel Cages.
2015 icelandImage: Cages built for rough conditions.

Salmon farming may now become a new seafood opportunity for Iceland. New and stronger Polarcirkel cage solutions make it possible to farm at more exposed sites than before.

Project manager Glenn Antonsen and Kim Rune Einmo from Helgeland Plast (an AKVA group company) just spent 15 days assembling and welding the 6 cages. They enjoyed spending time in the spectacular scenery of Patreksfjörður in the West Fjords. But the Icelandic scenery also comes with rough weather. Heavy winds made it hard to get the cages launched into the sea. But people from Iceland are also tough and used to the sea, so with their help we managed to launch the cages in the end, concludes Glenn Antonsen. The delivery is now complete and Arnarlax is farming salmon in Iceland!