Romanias first turbot farm opened in April

Spain and Portugal have been the leading producers of turbot in Europe, but now Eastern Europe is following.
landbased1The popularity of turbot in Europe is encouraging other producers to enter the game. In Romania, Elcomex, a company with interests in the power sector, has invested in a turbot farm, called Seaqualia. Gabriel Popescu the managing director recalls how he discussed the pros and cons of different species with his principals.

Recirculation systems are the best suited to high value species as the technology entails a high initial investment and running costs. Among the species that where dicussed were tilapi, eel, sturgeon and turbot. It was the AKVA group´s offices in Fredricia, Denmark, where he met the former manager of a turbot hatchery, that led to the decision to go with the AKVA group. “Not only did they have experience with recirculation system for turbot, they were also building a similar system for a company in China, and in addition the system they where offering could produce 150 tons of fish, which was our target.”