Safe anchoring in rough weather

AKVA Safe Guard provides environmental data and vital weather information on the location to ensure safer decisions.
akva safe guardAKVA Safe Guard is a system for risk management (of operations and operation) and decision support to increase safety in operations and prevent undesired incidents, such as e.g. escapes or personal injury.

AKVA Safe Guard is based on monitoring parameters that can detect changes in the condition of the fish and the facility at an early stage, as well as the safety level during various operations. The parameters are input to diagnostic and forecast models that have been developed in collaboration with the foremost consulting and university communities in Norway.

AKVA Safe Guard provides useful information on: Environmental strains and strains from the well boat, observed strain in ropes, enables planning of ideal mooring points, new and calculation-efficient model is validated against full
calculation models for vessel and fish farming facility. New fishfarm simulator with proprietary calculation model that simulates time for various systems of rope, chains, nets, buoys and large volume structures.

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Bjørn Sirnes, Sales Manager, +47 906 79 791