SalMar ASA buys Fishtalk Software

SalMar ASA has signed a contract with AKVA group Software AS for a production and control system. The agreement covers delivery of Fishtalk software with a complete solution for handling documentation, production, planning and financial planning.
fishtalk-control“SalMar has considered Fishtalk as the best solution on the market and are looking forward to working together with AKVA group going forward” says Håvar Sandvik, controller in SalMar.

“We are very happy that Fishtalk can meet SalMar’s need for better productionplanning, both biological and financial. It is demanding being in in the lead in such a market driven industry, and the large operators like SalMar needs a good and solid planning solution” says Lisbeth Plassen, Sales Director Fishtalk, AKVA group.

The agreement covers all Fishtalk products which includes Fishtalk Control, Fishtalk Plan and Fishtalk Finance.

For more information please contact:
Lisbeth Plassen, Sales Director Fishtalk, AKVA group Software AS. Mob: 90 57 25 53