Steel Cages around the world

Markets for Wavemaster Steel Cages from AKVA group Chile are on the increase around the world.
2015 steel cages worldImage: Rifaina, Brazil.

For decades, AKVA group Chile has been the leading producer of steel cages to the salmon industry in Chile with hundreds of cages going into the water each year. This is where steel cages are preferred over plastic. But the Wavemaster brand of steel cages have also been very popular for salmon farms in Scotland and Canada (BC), and more recently in Alaska, Tasmania and New Zealand. But now we also see a big increase in the need for these cages in emerging markets around the world.

2015 steel cages world2
New markeds like here in Lesotho, Africa are now emerging.

To recommend steel cages or plastic cages have been a source for discussions in the past, but now we conclude that there are clear advantages and disadvantages for both concepts. Steel cages have proven to be a very good and
stable working platform to farm fish from, especially in strong currents. They are easy to ship and install, even into the most remote regions of the world. The high quality build and hot dip galvanizing also makes for a long lifespan. But, they are more suited for low- or semi-exposed farm sites rather than high exposure sites.

The biggest market now developing is in lakes and large rivers, including projects delivered in Lesotho and Brazil. For high exposure or high salinity warm waters, Polarcirkel Plastic Cages are the recommended choice.

Adding our Wavemaster Platform Feed and Work Barges for remote locations, this means we have efficient and complete farm solutions for any fish farm anywhere.

christian stange smith

Christian Stange Smith
Sales & Marketing Manager
AKVA group Chile SA